A recent scientific publication, published in November 2020 in the international journal Environmental DNA, compares two techniques used to assess marine biodiversity: the classic underwater visual census and the study of environmental DNA, an emerging technique in this field.
As part of the preparation of the Indian Ocean mission scheduled for spring 2021, Monaco Explorations supports and joins forces with IRD by financing part of the DiDEM project (Dialogue between science and Decision makers for an integrated management of Marine and coastal Environments) in the western Indian Ocean.
Some results of the analyses of coral samples from the Tara Pacific campaign, carried out by the Centre Scientifique de Monaco and financed in part by Monaco Explorations, were presented at the Goldschmidt 2020 geochemistry conference.
Scientists from Toulon University deduce from the first analyses of the acoustic data collected during the Sphyrna Odyssey 2019-2020 mission that Mediterranean sperm whales coordinate when they hunt with the clicks of their biosonar.
In order to raise public awareness and encourage concerted action to achieve ocean conservation goals, the United Nations General Assembly decided in 2008 to proclaim 8 June as World Oceans Day. Monaco Principality commits itself to…
On 23 April 2020, the Sphyrna Odyssey scientific mission launched the “QUIET SEA” operation to measure the impact of the drop in activity on the behaviour of cetaceans in the Mediterranean via acoustic recordings.