On 12 and 13 September this year, the teams of Monaco Explorations hosted a booth at the Lumexplore Festival and presented their films in 360° vision about the missions carried out in the world. These animations met a great success with the many visitors of the festival and school children. Lumexplore, the Scientific and Environmental Exploration Film Festival, has been organised each year since 2016 for the French Explorers Society in La Ciotat, in the Bouches du Rhône.
To better understand how sperm whales, Cuvier’s beaked whales, Risso’s dolphins and pilot whales move at great depths in the Mediterranean Sea.
The protection of large marine predators is at the heart of environmental concerns and the Megafauna project is one of the main threads of Monaco Explorations.
28 days in immersion at 120 metres depth, a first in the world and a real sporting, scientific and human challenge, to discover the as yet unexplored depths of the Mediterranean Sea.
On the occasion of the International Conference ‘Island Biology 2019′ held in Reunion Island from 8 to 13 July 2019, the scientist Raquel Vasconcelos, herpetologist of the CIBIO-InBIO Research Centre, at the University of Porto, presented the first results of Monaco Explorations’ mission in Macaronesia in 2017, in Cape Verde, before an assembly of 300 experts on ecology, evolution and conservation of the insular fauna. During this mission on the Branco islet, two endemic species of the archipelago were studied. This research has already resulted in a scientific publication.