20 February 2024

Call for applications

Launch of a thematic school on the reef heritage vulnerability, in the Seychelles, in June 2024.

Monaco Explorations and the DIDEM project are pleased to announce a regional thematic school dealing with coral reef heritage vulnerability that will be held in Seychelles in June 2024 to provide doctoral and post-doctoral scientists, coral reef managers, NGO experts the opportunity to share experiences, knowledge and methods and to be a part of an engaging learning environment.

Thematic school

This thematic school will explore the concepts of resilience, vulnerability, heritage and social-ecological system from the perspective of sustainability science. It includes a section of presentations offered by various experts in the fields of anthropology, biology, ecology, fisheries, geography, governance, socio-economics in order to present the state of the art and lay common theoretical and methodological foundations, introduce fieldwork and initiate debate.

Coral reef, Eparses Islands. Europa. Anthrax shoal and massive fire coral (Hydraires) ©IRD

Locating and identifying colonies before sampling. Aldabra©KatiaQuéméré_WCC_MonacoExplorations

How to apply?

Any applicant will send a CV and a cover letter to alice.marque@ird.fr explaining why he wants to apply.

He is also asked to answer the three following questions:

  • For you, what is reef heritage?
  • What are the threats affecting it in the medium and short term?
  • What are the solutions to solve these problems?

The deadline for submission of applications is March 20th 2024.

Candidates will be notified of the outcome of their application by April 20th 2024. The selection process takes particular account of the numerical balance between the various disciplines and between genders, a guarantee of success for the objective pursued. Speakers representing a panel of experts from different disciplines will enable in-depth exchanges between senior and junior researchers thanks to the different life and research experiences that will be shared.

The DIDEM project will cover travel and accommodation costs.