Voices from the Indian Ocean: episode 8

Voices from the Indian Ocean, by Elise Rigot. Episode n°8

All along the route of the Monaco 2022 Explorations mission to the Indian Ocean, visual artist Elise Rigot documents the expedition’s progress through sound: scientists in action, animal sounds or natural ambiences, stories; through each character, the voices of the Indian Ocean bear witness to a culture, a heritage, but also to this quest for discovery, knowledge and truth. Voices of attachment, recounting the relationship that the people on this mission maintain and live with the Indian Ocean on a daily basis. The podcast echoes these voices, weaving together scientific accounts, life stories and the atmospheric sounds of this very special crossing.

Episode n°8: meeting the coralline algae

She picks up small pieces of coralline algae with tweezers, albeit a little longer, and observes them with a bino. She assembles her firescape, sorting each sample, creating a gigantic herbarium of vibrant, intense red. She explains everything to me. I love it. I love Line’s landscapes. Her big blue eyes, devouring those little bits of marine plants that have joined rocks, sponges, little crabs and herbariums. Every day, different pinks, purples and reds vibrate in white plastic tubs.

Elise Rigot

Encountering coralline algae

Line Le Gall, researcher in algal systematics and evolutionary dynamics at the Muséum national d'histoire naturelle de Paris (MNHN)©Nicolas Mathys_Zeppelin_MonacoExplorations

Sorting operations require the taxonomic skills of each researcher and diver on board©Nicolas Mathys_Zeppelin_MonacoExplorations

Listening to researcher and diver Line Le Gall, artist Elise Rigot discovers the world of algae©Nicolas Mathys_Zeppelin_MonacoExplorations

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