An artist’s view: Gilles Bessero seen by Rémi Leroy

Gilles BESSERO in full organisation: heading for the Indian Ocean

Throughout his career, Gilles has travelled many seas. As a hydrographer, he has spent years deciphering the distances and depths of this fascinating universe. Among his toolkit, hydrographic circle, sextant, on-board computer, radio and GPS, allowed him to map the waters he surveyed. He eventually reached the pinnacle of this science as director of the International Hydrographic Organisation. Today, his unparalleled planning skills are helping to set the course for the Explorations of Monaco. It is no longer a question of GPS position, but of guiding expeditions such as the one to the Indian Ocean, for which he will be head of mission. His key role will be to ensure that the activities of each player coexist as well as possible: scientific facilities, mediation and public relations. For the abyssal world of human relations can be just as abyssal as that of the seas. It is therefore necessary and fundamental to measure the singularities of each project in order to perceive its complementarity. Rémi Leroy