Xavier Niel, Owner of Monaco Telecom Discusses Commitment and Communications Partnership with Monaco Explorations Campaign

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Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, July 10, 2017

The Monaco Explorations Campaign is initiated by HSH Prince Albert II and holds strong convictions to “reconnect humanity with the sea”, the principle of providing the platform at sea to the research community who will carry out these missions, and the purpose of establishing and sharing knowledge that will guide necessary decision making to protect the world’s seas. This campaign takes concrete action to face the urgent environmental situations that threaten the seas, and to find solutions. 

I share these convictions, and the mindset and pragmatism of taking action to increase knowledge and awareness. Therefore, it is only natural that Monaco Telecom would be associated and partnered with the Monaco Explorations Campaign, along with the Monegasque State, to make the essential communication technologies available on-board the Yersin. Monaco Telecom is happy to provide the following:

  • Communication solutions embedded on the ship to transmit the scientific data from the Yersin to the bases and researchers on the ground.
  • The means to transmit images and videos that will allow the public to follow this scientific adventure around the world over the next three years.
  • Hosting the campaign website.

I wish the Monaco Explorations Campaign very good luck, and I am excited to follow this work.

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Xavier Niel, Owner of Monaco Telecom