We have just heard about the bottom lander we deployed with Geomar in Cabo-Verde

Last Friday the GEOMAR Helmholtz ’s team went out to Santa Luzia in order to have a visual inspection of the bottom lander retrieved (see our post) and deployed (Santa Luzia) last September.

« Peri and Dario went diving and they did a really great job… » said Björn Fiedler (who is a bottom lander specialist and currently on a six-month research stay in Mindelo) « …They know that area quite well and the exact time to enter the water (depending on the tides and the current) ». The 2 divers did their inspection and removed the end caps of the trap as well as the painter lines.

« The lander is already quite a bit covered by biofouling… we intend to recover it on Nov 5th. » add Björn.

Looking forward to seeing the data from this deployment.