Portrait : Hervé Claustre

Hervé Claustre

Herve_Claustre_2020©Edwige Lamy_IRD_MonacoExplorations
Hervé Claustre is an observational oceanographer, director of research at the CNRS and based at the Oceanography Laboratory in Villefranche-sur-mer.
He coordinates a team very involved in the development of new robotic approaches to biogeochemistry and ocean ecosystems. In particular, he is the co-leader of the international BGC-Argo programme, which aims to deploy a flotilla of multi-instrumented profiling robots in the global ocean. Within the Indian Ocean 2022 Mission led by the Explorations de Monaco, he is responsible for the BGC-Argo project which deploys around thirty of these robots in the area explored by the campaign, in particular in the framework of a collaboration with Canadian and American partners.