Monaco Explorations through the eyes of photographer Markus Watkins

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We invited 16-year-old Finnish/British emerging photographer Markus Watkins onboard to document the days just after the Yersin departed Monaco. Markus traveled from Monaco to Ibiza, it was his first time onboard the Yersin, and his first time meeting the Captain, owner, and crew.

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The time Markus spent on board was unique because it occurred before the first mission took place and before there were other guests on board, such as scientists and media. With the opportunity to spend this relatively quiet time on the Yersin, Markus was able to capture the travel, the crew preparing for the first mission, and some views of the Yersin without numerous guests lingering in every shot.

We have asked Markus to join us for two additional trips over the next three years so that he can continue to show the evolution of these expeditions through his photography.

Markus will tell his own unique story of learning about the threats facing the seas, the work of the scientists and researchers he encounters, and the ways in which this increased knowledge has an affect on his artistic work in order to engage audiences in conservation efforts, photography, and the arts through this collaboration.

To view the full collection of photos, visit Markus’ gallery.

Follow Markus on Instagram here