Malpelo: Team Change

Left to Right: Jean Baptiste Juhel, Pierre Cordier, Giomar Borrero, X, Loïc Pellissier, Captain Mario Rubianogroot, Caludia Restrepo Ortiz, Thierry Apparu, Raymond Clerc, Liz Factor, Régis Hocdé, Florine Hadjadj, and Andrea Polanco.Today we said goodbye to the scientists from the Megafauna Consortium and welcomed their colleagues from MARbec and Zoological Society of London on board for a “part two” of this mission. We also said goodbye to Raymond Clerc, our Chief of Mission, and welcomed Léa Lippisch who will take over the role for this part of the mission.

Welcome Tom Letessier, Virginie Marques, Nicolas Loiseau, and Laure Velez!!