L’Echo des Labos n°5

L'écho des Labos n°5, by Stéphane Dugast, special reporter.

Afterdeck of the S.A. Agulhas II, 11 o’clock sharp. I’ve promised Sheenah to go and see what’s going on with the ROV, the underwater drone. Sheenah is from Seychelles. She’s the only scientist on board who follows all the ROV’s dives in their entirety.

The underwater drone will soon be brought back on board. At least, that’s what was agreed at last night’s briefing…

Main Characters

Sheenah Talma is a young Seychelles researcher and doctoral student in marine biology. She is also head of Talia Consultancy, a marine consultancy in the Seychelles. She is very interested in how we use the ocean and the effects of overfishing, resource exploitation and climate change on marine biodiversity.

Robert Laaser is one of the ROV’s two pilots. He works for the South African company Marine Solutions, which was commissioned by Explorations de Monaco to carry out explorations with the ROV during the Indian Ocean mission. The ROV is remotely controlled from the surface by the pilots.

Sheena Talma, a young Seychelles scientist and biologist specializing in marine biodiversity, aboard the S.A. Agulhas II. Indian Ocean mission. November 2022©Nicolas Mathys_Zeppelin_MonacoExplorations

The ROV during a deep exploration dive. Indian Ocean Mission 2022©Sven Bender_Autentic_MonacoExplorations

Robert Laaser, one of the ROV's two pilots. Indian Ocean Mission 2022©Nicolas Mathys_Zeppelin_MonacoExplorations

The two ROV pilots, Egon and Robert Laaser, in the ROV control room. Saya de Malha. 10_11_2022©Didier Théron_MonacoExplorations

Bottom observed by the ROV at around 500 meters. Saya de Malha. November 08, 2022. Indian Ocean Mission©Marine Solutions_MonacoExplorations

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