IFCN and LifeMadeira invite Monaco Explorations to Monk Seal Necropsy: Day 3

Rosa Pires invited us to the Museu da Baleia in Caniçal, Madeira where LifeMadeira is holding a monk seal necropsy workshop. The purpose of the workshop is to teach local veterinarians to perform a successful necropsy on the monk seals. So far, when there is a deceased monk seal found here in Madeira, they must bring a veterinarian in from mainland Portugal, or even farther to perform the necropsy.

Here to perform the workshop is Ursula Siebert, Professor and Head of the Institute for Terrestrial and Aquatic Wildlife Research (ITAW) at the University of Vetrinary Medicine Hannover Foundation

By performing timely, consistent and successful necropsy, we are able to learn and understand a lot of necessary and important information about the life, health and death of a species.