Diving with Jago

During our mission with Geomar in the Norwegian seas we have used a specific tool.
JAGO is its name.
it’s a manned submersible dedicated to exploration and research in marine sciences. It allows researchers to go to a depth of 400 meters.
Its weight is 3 tons and its size is 3 x 3 x 2.5 m

Piloted by and operator, the submersible moves underwater without being connected by an umbrilical cable to a support ship.

Its robotic arm is very efficient to collect specific organisms, solid, gas or water samples and its digital cameras can give photo or video views from the seafloor.

JAGO is presently the only manned research submersible in Germany.

It belongs to Geomar and is a new example of the deep and strong collaboration between Monaco Explorations and the German institute.

This common work started in Cabo-Verde In September 2017 to retrieve and put back on seafloor a bottom lander and launch a wave glider.