An artist’s view: Didier Théron as imagined by Rémi Leroy

Didier THERON and the ceaseless whirlwind of inspiration

Didier is one of those people who pass on knowledge, exploring many facets of his job as a scientific and cultural mediator. The ocean, diving and marine biology, aquariums and museums, for which he has been passionate since he was very young, have always been at the heart of his practice, enabling him to combine experimentation, fieldwork, encounters, exchanges and the transmission of knowledge. For Didier, the major challenge is to inspire and encourage as many people as possible, especially young people, to preserve and manage the oceans in a sustainable way. During the expedition, Didier and the other members of the Explorations de Monaco team worked in close contact with the scientists, via a web platform, to unveil all the dimensions of this long-term operation. Despite the distance, the various members of the mission were able to speak to their public via satellite links or during stopovers, and present their work on board. It’s to this same audience, which he hopes will be ever larger, that Didier will devote a large part of his time on his return to land, still driven by this passion and desire to pass on information.